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Bulldogs are rather small in stature. However, they are wide and compact, with a thick, massive head. The dog's head should be broad with cheeks that extend to the sides of the eyes. The skin on the skull and forehead should fall in dense folds. The dog's muzzle should be short and pug. The nose is broad and black with large nostrils. Its upper lip is pendent and its lower jaw should be undershot.

Bulldogs have round eyes, which are far apart and very dark. The dog's ears should be small and thin, folded back in the form of a rose. The Bulldog's tail is short and carries low. The Bulldog's coat usually comes in red, fawn, brindle, pale yellow or washed-out red, or white, and can combine any of these colors.

Bulldogs Puppy - Temperament

These dogs are described as very affectionate and dependable animals. They are gentle with children. They are known for their courage and their excellent guarding abilities. People-oriented dogs, they are also very energetic and require a lot of attention on the part of their owners.Check out this website http://www.barkcontrol.com.au/shop/tough-dog-toys/12 for more information about dogs .

There is no denying that there are hardheaded Bulldogs, and sweet-natured Bulldogs. Each dog has its own personality. As a general rule, Bulldogs are most suitable for active people who can devote considerable amount of time to training.

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